Iconic Web Development | Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts
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Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts

About This Project

Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts approached Iconic Web Development about re-designing their website. Their previous website was designed with old school design trends and practices not relevant today which was driving away traffic and potential new business.


After multiple in depth conversations about what they wanted to achieve, Iconic Web Development worked with Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness Hunts to create an online platform that is helping them attract new business, and standout from the crowd of hunting outfitters.




We started on this project in March of 2018. The clients goal was to increase their visibility in organic results with a focus on trying to gain more qualified leads for bookings. Most of their clientele are from just a few of the states, and specifically, they wanted to branch out to neighbouring provinces while attracting more attention from other regions of the United States.


The strategy we decided to formulate consisted of some pure basic S.E.O. methods that have always been successful with Google and other engines. We offered a few scenarios, most of which consisted of on-site optimization, some keywords that were not so competition heavy but would gain traction, basic layout and content structuring, formatting and editing content, and blog posts.


In the end, we increased rankings over a 3 month period to an average of #10 Increased search visibility to 2.58% (an estimate of the percentage of clicks your site receives, based on the ranking positions across all keywords you are tracking).